Visual intelligence for train lines, training, tourism… and making sure your pint is perfect

Rachael Hutchman
May 10, 2024

Spinview’s digital twin technology revolutionises the way businesses visualise and manage their spaces.

From the intricate tunnels of London’s underground to the majestic halls of Swedish palaces, and from leisure centres across the UK to the meticulous processes of draught beer quality assurance, our innovative solutions consistently exceed client expectations.

The tangible benefits – ranging from operational savings and enhanced safety to global recognition and increased customer engagement – highlight the versatility and effectiveness of Spinview’s digital twin technology. Managing and maintaining spaces, whether rooms, buildings, cities, or entire networks, becomes significantly easier with a clear line of sight to all critical aspects. This empowers you to make smarter, safer, faster, and greener decisions.

Our digital twins are transforming industries from transport and cultural heritage to leisure and hospitality. Dive into our case studies to discover how the results speak for themselves.



Transport for London – savings, safety and streamlining, all on track


Imagine being able to see exactly what’s going on underground, making deep tunnel inspections along a track, quickly and clearly – without putting a boot underground.

In addressing the complexities of managing its expansive underground network, Transport for London (TfL) partnered with Spinview in 2021 to implement a visually intelligent digital twin solution across the Piccadilly Line track, stations, and depots.

The partnership created high-fidelity replicas of physical assets integrated with real-time sensor data and analytics. This centralised, visualised data enables informed decision-making for optimised operations, enhances safety, and supports TfL’s environmental steps towards net zero.

Results Achieved:

  • Operational Savings: External analysis verifies potential reductions of up to 44% in operational expenses (OpEx) and 26% in capital expenditures (CapEx) within the first year of implementation.
  • Supporting Net Zero Targets: The digital twin enables precise carbon emission monitoring, helping TfL work towards achieving its goal of a carbon-neutral public transport system by 2030.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlined processes facilitated by the digital twin optimise maintenance workflows, allowing for proactivity based on real-time sensor data.
  • Improved Safety: Remote inspections and air quality pattern analysis significantly reduce worker exposure to hazards, making deep-tunnel inspections safer and more efficient.

The success of this partnership serves as a foundation for ongoing innovation, with TfL and Spinview exploring ways to expand the use of digital twins across the entire network, further enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and the overall passenger experience.

“Having that visual representation gives the advantage in that you can view everything without having to go down there. We can identify if there are any issues around the areas where we’re working, which is very important from a health and safety point of view. By removing boots from the ground and doing it virtually you are increasing the safety of our staff.”

  – Daniel Rahamim, Lead Innovation Manager – Transport for London



The Swedish Royal Court – Transforming access and engagement for all


The Swedish Royal Court manages a diverse portfolio of cultural sites, including palaces, museums, and gardens. Seeking to enhance accessibility and engagement, they partnered with Spinview over a decade ago, pioneering immersive visual twins in sites of historical importance.



Results achieved:

  • Enhanced Accessibility: The use of visual twins broadened the Swedish Royal Court audience, making exhibitions accessible globally. This approach not only engages remote audiences but also helps to increase physical attendance.
  • Intelligence for Curators and Staff: Having a digital copy of exhibitions provided accurate records of exhibition layouts, aiding curators in planning future displays.
  • Educational Impact: The visual twins interactive points provide education to visitors through, engaging audiences pre and post-exhibition.
  • Global Recognition and Prestige: The use of innovative visual twin technology gained international attention, positioning the Swedish Royal Court as leaders in immersive cultural innovation.
  • Marketing and Promotion: The visual twins have been used to create marketing collateral for ongoing exhibitions, providing an interactive way for visitors to engage.

This collaboration has not only elevated accessibility and visibility but positioned the Swedish Royal Court as pioneers in leveraging digital experiences for engagement in cultural heritage and tourism.

“Partnering with Spinview has enriched our approach to cultural accessibility and engagement. Through immersive visual twins, we’ve not only expanded our reach globally but also deepened our connection with visitors, offering them enriching educational experiences. This innovative partnership has truly elevated our marketing efforts, allowing us to showcase our cultural heritage in ways previously never possible.”
– Helena Chreisti, Head of Marketing and Education –  The Swedish Royal Court

View examples of our work with The Swedish Royal Court:



Everyone Active – Virtual tours, real results in Leisure


Everyone Active, the UK’s longest-operating leisure centre operator, has set a high bar for the recreational industry, partnering with Spinview since 2018 to offer an immersive digital twin experience across their 220 leisure centres.

With a primary goal of offering virtual walk throughs of all their spaces/gyms to members, Everyone Active aimed to cater to diverse needs. This initiative focused on providing a visual overview for people with disabilities, reducing anxiety for those uncomfortable in unfamiliar spaces, and ensuring an inclusive experience for all.



Results Achieved:

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: digital facility engagement has significantly increased customer interaction and satisfaction, providing a preview before on-site visits.
  • Increased Facility Exploration: The visual twins have led to a surge in online exploration, allowing visitors to familiarise themselves with facilities from the comfort of their homes.
  • Advancing Inclusivity: By showcasing accessibility features, Everyone Active has empowered differently-abled individuals, promoting a more inclusive understanding of their facilities.

More than 80 facilities now have visual twins, and the process is seamlessly streamlined. Spinview provides in-person training, while Everyone Active handles on-site data capture. The resulting interactive features are uploaded to a web link, which is embedded into Everyone Active’s website.

The ultimate goal is to make customer interaction seamless, fostering a more connected and convenient user experience. Everyone Active’s successful use of Spinview has not only met but exceeded their initial objectives, solidifying their position as a leader in the leisure centre industry.

Read the full Everyone Active case study.

“Through our virtual tours we are improving our digital experience for our members, allowing them to explore and understand the facilities before ever stepping onsite. Working with Spinview on delivering these visual twins has been seamless. I look forward to the day when we have it across all our facilities. Working with Spinview on delivering these visual twins has been seamless. I look forward to the day when we have it across all our facilities.”

– Liam Jameson – Web & Digital Executive at Everyone Active



DING: Cheers to better (safer) beers! 


In an innovative collaboration, cellar management company DING partnered with Spinview to optimise cellar performance, monitor real-time conditions, and maintain or improve the quality of draught beer, while also reducing operational costs

Hospitality chains face challenges related to inconsistent beer storage, temperature fluctuations in beer cellars, security concerns, and the costly and hazardous traditional beer line cleaning process.

The implementation of an IoT Cloud System by Spinview streamlines operations, offering a visually intuitive interface and intelligent automation. It simplifies device integration, allowing DING’s clients to manage users at scale and collaborate seamlessly.


Results Achieved:

  • Beer Quality Assurance: Ensures the consistent quality of draught beer, addressing challenges related to inconsistent storage.
  • Reduced Spoilage Costs: Proactive cellar temperature monitoring prevents spoilage, reducing wastage and associated costs.
  • Enhanced Security and Theft Reduction: Incorporates human detection technology to deter theft, safeguarding beer kegs and overall establishment security.
  • Real-Time Alerts for Operational Efficiency: Spinview’s digital twin, integrated with real-time sensor data, provides alerts for temperature fluctuations or prolonged door openings, allowing proactive intervention.
  • Cost Savings: The combined solution saves businesses £750k annually for line cleaning and prevention of revenue loss due to spoilage, contributing to increased gross profit.

Spinview and DING’s partnership goes beyond traditional beer line cleaning, providing a holistic solution that ensures consistent high-quality draught beer, enhanced security, and significant monthly savings for businesses in the hospitality sector. Now, that’s worth raising a glass to!

“Collaborating with Spinview has been a pivotal moment for Ding, transforming not just our beer line cleaning system but also how we envision the future of beverage quality and service. Spinview’s cutting-edge technology has enabled us to create a digital twin of our cleaning systems in operation, offering an unprecedented level of insight and control over the cleaning process. This has not only optimised our operations but also significantly enhanced our ability to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and efficiency.

This partnership has also elevated our marketing strategy, allowing us to showcase our innovative approach to potential clients in a compelling, visually engaging manner – the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. With Spinview, we’re setting a new standard in the beverage industry, one that places innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction at its heart.”

– Anthony White, COO & Founder, DING.


Learn more about the impact Spinview’s digital twin technology made with DING.

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