Tools & Tech

The keys to unlocking your data’s true value

Vision is Spinview’s proprietary software suite at the heart of our visually intelligent ecosystem.

It provides sophisticated tools that manage, communicate and automate data in a simple visualised format, delivering the right data to the right people at the right time. Our easy to use web based platform leverages technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, Machine Vision and immersive technology applications, all converging in our VQecosystem to create an advanced digital twin – a virtual representation of your space that enables organisations to better manage the performance and health buildings and infrastructure.

Because Vision is fully customizable, it can be accessed in the cloud or on-prem and viewed across a range of lite devices and through immersive technology. So, resources are optimised, costs are saved and collaboration is maximised.

Tools to:




Gain Insight


Tools to Communicate

Data is useful when people can understand and access it. The VQecosystem displays visual data simply, providing accurate, easy-to-use documentation to maximise building management and development. Communication tools include:

Map-based interface +

Immersive technology +

Planning and contract management +

Tools to Manage

Place all your data – assets, services, vendors, contractors, applications and more - in one streamlined system. Devices are connected so orders, alerts, communications, databases and scheduling are accessible on a single view, creating one central source of truth.

VQ Cloud -

Capture, upload, process, store, review and share data from a central visual console, at any time or place. For instance, store project information, allow design collaboration from multiple stakeholders, track all tasks and provide constant status updates. Vision cloud-based collaboration allows for unlimited users in a simple file-sharing system.

Customisation +

Data & document tagging & annotation +

Tools to Automate

Visual intelligence inspires swifter collaboration and enhanced productivity by ‘walking’ the space, finding issues hidden to the human eye and automating work processes. Our tools help you understand the value of data created by Spinview's AI-driven software.

Machine Vision +

Workflow Automation +

Alarms, faults and work orders +

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Tools to Connect

The construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure require many streams of data from multiple teams and their go to tools. This data often lives in silos and is rarely readable, or indeed accessible, by members of the broader team with responsibility for the health and performance of the asset. Spinview’s VQecosystem integrates with many tools and connects their data so it can be accessed and transformed into actionable insights.

Dashboard +

Tools for Insight

Digital Twins allow us to both monitor and predict future performance while gaining deeper insight into an asset’s performance. Our tools provide deeper insight into a building’s physical performance by viewing data through this advanced digital twin, which can also provide deep insights into the efficiency of space.

Digital Model +

Predictive or Deeper Insights +

Real-Time or Revolving time slices +

Tools to Capture

Plan and prioritise infrastructure assets in smarter, more efficient ways, recording and tracking assets to create a streamlined workflow. The Spinview platform works with any scanning devices and our automatic feed helps you simply create your own visually intelligent digital twin. We capture the geometry as well as a full spectrum of data on the ‘health’ of any space such as thermal imaging, humidity, temperature and environmental emissions in low-cost and versatile ways.

The Infrastructure Scanners: Providing holistic views of your critical infrastructure

Property Asset and Emissions Scanner +

Road Asset and Emissions Scanner +

Rail Asset and Emissions Scanner +

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