Take your factory virtually anywhere 

Sep 25, 2020

Over the past six months manufacturers around the globe have had to make severe operational changes to accommodate a new way of working. Reorganising staff, assessing safety protocols and managing absenteeism due to social restrictions and illness have all caused major disruption in the industry. If you rely on site and factory visits to entice prospective clients or keep current clients in the loop then your business will have noticed major disruption.

Due to current travel restrictions showcasing spaces has become problematic and getting potential clients and partners to visit has not been possible in recent months. Without the ability to physically show your space to potential clients how can they see your capabilities as a manufacturer? How will you demonstrate competencies of your machinery? If an existing client requires reassurance of its production line then how would you walk them through it? The answer is simple. By creating an exact digital replica of your space (a digital twin) you can not only walk prospective clients through your factory, but meet and greet them inside too. By using Spinview’s easy-to-use platform you can ‘host’ your visitors in your virtual space and provide them with real time insights into your business environment. 

Many manufacturing plants now use IoT devices that use sensors in machinery to collect and analyse data. This ‘smart manufacturing’ can provide insights into the efficiency of the equipment in real-time. By overlaying this data into the digital twin, your clients will be able to observe your operating systems in greater depth.

Spinview is able to digitally copy every corner of your factory, office or site so you can share it with your clients wherever they are in the world. You can host up to eight people ‘inside’ the space and virtually walk them through your factory or site. No more costly travel or social restrictions. Your premises will be available to view at any time from the comfort of your clients’ home, office or desk, saving them time, money and keeping them safe. 

Not only will a digital twin of your space solve current issues with travel restrictions, it will future-proof your business and help it evolve with the new way of working. Many businesses are limiting their travel commitments and only time will tell when the world is ‘open’ again. By virtually showing your clients around your space you will be protecting your visitors and workforce all whilst sustaining operations and engaging with new potential clients.

If you think Spinview could help create a digital twin for your business, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line here: [email protected].