Spinview is one of Business Leader’s top 32 Metaverse companies

Aug 12, 2022

Honoured to have made Business Leader’s top 32 Metaverse companies! We’re featured amongst the likes of Meta, Microsoft, Accenture, Roblox, AutoDesk, Amazon, and a whole host of other well-deserving organisations. Though this list focuses on the Metaverse as a whole, we at Spinview are concentrated on the Enterprise Metaverse.

The main goal of the enterprise metaverse is to bring people together for work, and at the foundation is digital twins. Digital twins enable you to create rich digital models of anything physical or logical, from simple assets or products to complex environments. These environments can be anything from roads and rail to warehouses, factories and homes — anything that’s important to you. Once it’s modelled, it can be brought to life and synchronised with the physical world using sensors and IoT connections and insights from this deliver visual intelligence – simple to use insights displayed as visual cues or users can access the space from any location in the world. This initial binding of the physical and digital is foundational to enabling the enterprise metaverse.

At Spinview, we believe that having the ability to utilise / contextualise multiple sourced data streams in the Enterprise Metaverse through Digital Twins means that “big data” takes on a more meaningful and actionable role in our daily lives. We unlock the value of data through Visual Intelligence (VQ) for all.

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