Spinview announces partnership with hundo for Kickstart Internship Scheme

, Mar 26, 2021

Here at Spinview, we are delighted to announce our involvement with the Government’s Kickstart Scheme, supporting 16-24 year olds gain work experience. The Kickstart Scheme has allowed us to offer a 6-month paid internship programme across all business units with roles in client services, sales, design and technology which enables us to “not only provide an extra set of hands that can help accomplish goals or finish projects but also brings about company and people growth. Bringing in interns who don’t see your company from the inside every day opens up an opportunity for fresh perspectives on your business, strategies, and plans.  An internship program also provides an opportunity for our employees to become mentors.  Most employees want to help mentor others which in turn helps build strong morale and multiply effective leadership within a business.” says VP of Operations, Tori Mackenzie-Harvey

In order to ensure we support our interns, not just with work experience but also equip them with the full plethora of job seeking skills we have partnered with hundo. hundo connects employers with “Gen Z ” talent helping them make connections with Kickstart employers and supporting them with cv writing, interview prep and much more.

Tori Harvey, our VP of Operations, said of working with hundo:

“hundo have been a great help to us because in order to have an effective internship programme, you need to make sure it’s well resourced – the more resourced the better your programme. As a start up, our resources are limited in terms of supporting our intern with the skills they need outside of their immediate job function they will perform here at Spinview. hundo provides that element, which means we can rest assured that our interns are receiving the full 360 support bubble they need to get the most out of the programme.  hundo have been amazing to work with; they understand the Kickstart programme inside out, and are on-hand whenever you need them. We are really excited to kick off the programme and are immensely proud that we can support young people in their search for their right fit in the world of work.”

Our UK Account Manager, Fin Best, is a former Spinview intern so knows the benefits which they provide, and shows that interns can progress onto full time roles. He says :“My internship at Spinview was invaluable. I was immediately tasked with meaningful and important duties, as well as being privy to important meetings and discussions. My main responsibility was helping with sales, but I also got to experience lots of other facets of the business, particularly marketing. I was given lots of responsibility, and the internship took me out of my comfort-zone which seemed daunting but was extremely rewarding. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Esther O’Callaghan OBE, Principal CoFounder of hundo.careers, added:

“One of the most positive outcomes of the UK Government Kickstart Scheme is to see forward-thinking companies stepping up and providing young people with the opportunity to gain useful, paid work experience and ensuring they receive the right support.  For that reason, we are really proud to be partnered with Spinview – leading by example and showing that companies of all sizes across all sectors have a vital role to play in creating opportunities for young people.” 

With some great success stories already under our belt, we are really looking forward to being able to bring in more interns and provide them with some real business experience, whilst also helping them learn about immersive technology.

For more information regarding the Kickstart Scheme, or if you want to look into using the scheme to bring in some interns for your company, go to https://www.hundo.careers/kickstart.