Share our spaces with the people who keep us moving.

Sep 08, 2020

How many of you had just signed or were in the final negotiations with a new client as Covid-19 struck?  For some, conversation could continue online, presentations shared, ideas discussed, and proposals validated.

But what if your presentation was a space?

  • A factory
  • A plant
  • A complex technical site.

What if your ideas were how to drive efficiencies and what if your validation was an onsite inspection or accreditation?

Some of those recognising these challenges will have likely had to wait to share their spaces until they could put complex social distancing measures in place.  Others are still waiting given the nature of the sites and their work within them.

We asked ourselves how we could support our clients in making the most of their spaces even when they can’t be physically accessed.

Borne from our work helping our clients visualise their spaces so they can share closed environments (think film sets, subterranean architecture and high security spaces) we realised we can turn our technology to support everyone needing to view or share a space they can’t get to at the moment given the dangers presented by Coronavirus.

When we supported a leading telecoms manufacturer in onboarding their new US employees with an immersive tour of their Eastern European factory, we helped them impart the expertise that would prepare this team to work in one of the most advanced complexes in the world.  They told us that “Immersive learning and knowledge sharing just ticks so many different boxes – efficiency, safety, sustainability,” and you can read more about our work with them here.

By creating a digital twin of any environment, we are able to host a completely digital version of your physical site on our platform.  Then using our remote presence tool, Agority can enable you to host anyone inside this twin and showcase exactly what they would have seen if there in real life.

Go into whichever room has the new cabling, give them a tour to show how you’ll make their product, evidence the effectiveness of the new machinery in place or as in our leading telecoms manufacturer’s case, transfer expertise from peer to peer 8,000 miles apart without anyone leaving their desks.  All of this can be done in person as you meet virtually inside the space, even if you’re in different countries.

If you’d like to discuss how Spinview can help you take your places to your people, we’d love to hear from you: [email protected].