Rail Asset Management

Improving Transport Asset Performance through Digital Twin Intelligence

  • Greater Worker Safety
  • Measure, Manage & Monitor Carbon Emission
  • Improved Maintenance Outcomes
  • Efficient Remote Inspections
  • Streamlined Communication & Collaboration

“Having that visual representation gives the advantage in that you can view everything without having to go down there. We can identify if there are any issues around the areas where we’re working, which is very important from a health and safety point of view. By removing boots from the ground and doing it virtually you are increasing the safety of our staff.”

Daniel Rahamim, Lead Innovation Manager – Transport for London.

Spinview for Rail Asset Management

Transport for London Partnership with Spinview

Since 2021, Spinview has partnered with Transport for London (TfL) to enhance operations on the Piccadilly Line, which includes tunnels, stations, depots, and other assets. Spinview’s digital twin provides a comprehensive view, ensuring safer remote monitoring and extended maintenance windows. This innovation also integrates carbon emissions tracking into TfL’s asset registry, contributing significantly to London’s 2030 targets.

Our work on the Piccadilly Line has demonstrated that TfL could achieve potential savings of:

  • 44% OpEx Savings
  • 25% CapEx Savings

Get in touch with Daniel Rahamim, TfL’s Piccadilly Innovation Lead, to find out more on Spinview’s work with the Piccadilly Line upgrade programme: depot and operations, Silvertown tunnel, logistics and manufacturing for training – [email protected]

Or get in touch with the Spinview team – [email protected]

The Benefits of Spinview for TfL

Unlocking Insights with Digital Twins

Gain unparalleled insights into your infrastructure with a real-world replica that unveils hidden details such as emission levels, faults, temperature hotspots, and noise sources. Create your central source of truth for all asset information, ensuring consistency and accessibility.

Unlocking Insights with Digital Twins
Data-Driven Carbon Neutral Journey

Data-Driven Carbon Neutral Journey

Accelerate towards carbon neutrality with our cutting-edge scanning and sensor data. Our technology empowers you to monitor and track progress effortlessly, helping you meet and exceed your carbon neutral goals.

Streamlined Maintenance & Remote Inspections

Enable your workforce, including employees and contractors, to operate in a virtual space at any time, helping prioritise the areas that need physical inspections and maintenance during limited time slots. This unprecedented flexibility allows for surveys, location health assessments, and decision-making without time restrictions.

Streamlined Maintenance & Remote Inspections
Worker Safety

Worker Safety

Through remote inspections Spinview helps reduce the number of staff required on the tracks. It could also reduce the amount of required physical inspections in half from 5 to 2. It also enables new staff and training to be conducted facilitating further safety until staff are prepared to enter physical environments.  Further air quality identification supports the efforts towards safer working environments for TfL staff.

Improved Collaboration & Communication

Every TfL employee can securely access and utilise Spinview, regardless of their expertise, fostering seamless communication and heightened efficiency.

Improved Collaboration & Communication

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