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Visually intelligent models for all your spaces

Spinview’s visionary approach and digital capability is revolutionizing how buildings and critical infrastructure assets are managed and optimized.

Through our VQecosystem we are bringing visual intelligence to everyone who has a role in the performance and maintenance of spaces – from IoT strategists to asset managers and from artchitects to directors of sustainability across a number of sectors.

Applying visual intelligence to your space delivers on the key business objectives of safety, performance, communication, efficiency and sustainability, all contributing to an improved bottom line. Uniquely, visual intelligence delivers insights on both the health AND the structure of any environment. With the VQecosystem we can help you to use the power of vision to support all stages of the building or infrastructure lifecycle. From design and planning, to build and construction on to the ongoing operations and maintenance.


Residential Property

Commercial Property

Transport and Infrastructure (road, rail)


Manufacturing and Warehousing

A new view for buildings

Spinview’s VQecosystem enables better collaboration and sharing of data as well as real- time access for capturing, managing and visualizing all the information related to your building. Whether it is a warehouse, office block, factory or airport terminal, you can have insights at the fingertips of those who need it so that decisions can be made quickly and efficiently.

Project leaders and stakeholders can view assets, plans and data from any location and can focus on the less tangible factors like the environmental impact or the social benefits of a proposed project. A digital twin is an effective way to ensure everyone’s expectations remain aligned throughout the project.

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Human-centred design

Visualization humanises design perspective and planning approval is easier when plans are demonstrated visually. Designing any kind of new service once involved a degree of guesswork and chance. Not anymore. Simulating every aspect of a design – visually, spatially and even biometrically – allows teams to explore improvements, gauge operating costs and gain public feedback.

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Measurement of everything at any time

Companies benefit from Spinview’s rich source of visual intelligence enabling a consistent visual record of each property, pairing measurement-accurate floorplans with precise data on a range of measures – internal and external. With Spinview’s vision suite, users get one clear and consistent view of all the information they need from build dimensions to access controls, real-time material consumption and even cleaning or maintenance schedules.

Cost savings and efficiency

Through the integration of their BIM and building management systems, facility managers can geospatially map visual information into the advanced digital twin allowing remote access, management, inspection and maintenance deriving significant project cost savings. Through the automation of repetitive or standardised tasks, a VQecosystem empowers managers and employees to make better use of time.

Cutting-edge innovation

Leading Nordic residential property company, Oscar Properties, used Spinview’s approach and technology to help understand the connection between architecture and how the emotional impact of a space affects the price point of newly built apartments. By showcasing visual replicas of their apartment designs through VR headsets and tracking the biometrics of the users, the company were able to accurately measure consumer research responses. This rich data informs their ongoing design approach and delivers proven economic returns.

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A new view for infrastructure

Capturing complex real-world data and integrating it through vision, Spinview provides a full view to help operators of large and diverse physical networks to achieve a single view of their entire operations. With the use of our immersive technology, transport operators can dramatically simplify their environment and engage directly with it to make better informed business decisions.

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Setting a new track record

By capturing a transit environment, an accurate digital recreation helps to reduce overheads through more efficient operations and better anticipation and rectification of issues. Rail operators can use vision to significantly increase safety for staff and rail users. Through better measurement, tracking and an integrated incident alert system, rail operators can use our VQecosystem to optimize their maintenance and performance, minimizing system-wide disruption and scheduling delays.

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Bringing inaccessible spaces into the light

Given the impracticality of exploring and managing hard-to-reach places like tunnels and underground networks, a data enriched digital twin allows rail operators to undertake deep exploration without intrusive machinery. We have supported large infrastructure projects to deliver enhanced visibility, resulting in improved collaboration and efficiency.

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A new view for roads

With 64 million kilometres of roads worldwide, maintenance is almost impossible with human upkeep. Using the VQecosystem, we work with road planners to deliver real-time interactive road scanning VQmodels that allow for planning and predictive maintenance. By using vision to monitor and anticipate issues before they arise, road operators can significantly decrease costs through predictive foresight and responsive maintenance as needed.

Bumps in the road minimized

Through the use of an automobile-mounted sensor package to detect visible light, thermal data and structured light, Nuova Tech were able to capture visible and invisible road data. Processing this data into the VQecosystem revealed useable information on the health of the road identifying cracks, potholes and obstructions. The road data was also used for inventory and maintenance for markings (white lines), city planning and inventory management, removing the need for physical inspections.

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Case Studies


Nuova Tech AB

Faster and efficient road repairs

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Oscar Properties

Showcasing design features through digital viewings

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Reducing travel disruption and delays

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“We are partnering with Spinview to provide Transport for London (TfL) with an advanced vision geospatial platform that is capable of capturing emissions and other critical data sets on the deep tube network. The intelligent digital twin will create efficiencies in design, delivery, operation and maintenance and change the way in which TfL deliver projects.”

Daniel Rahamim
Continuous Improvement & Innovation,
Major Project Directorate, Transport for London

“With a platform containing all the installations within a facility, it is now easier than ever to locate all relevant documentation without the misconception of which equipment it belongs to. Whether you work with facility maintenance on a daily basis or if it’s the first day on the job, regardless you will find what you’re looking for.”

Alexander Edsvärd
Projektledare, IPMG

“We have partnered with Spinview on several projects, creating digital twins of our offices and on behalf of a wide range of our own clients, in order to visualise our environments, products and services, in essence developing a "portable showroom". This has allowed us to visually communicate with our customers in an innovative and immersive way - stepping away from traditional images, capturing their imagination and creativity. Working with Spinview has been a pleasure, allowing us to have an extension to our innovation house with tech experts who challenge us and often deliver results better than those expected and always to timescale. They are easy to work with and always on hand and ready to help.”

Jonas Jutbring
Area Sales Manager, Senab

“By using Spinview’s unique marketing solutions and technology we were able to save money and improve the ROI of our store refit. We’re excited to work with Spinview as we refit all 470 stores.”

Michael Grimborg
CMO, Synsam Group

“We are very excited about our partnership with Spinview. The ability to not only give clients the closest to a real site tour via immersive 360 video but also display their creative in situ, significantly boosts the volume of dynamic sales material at our fingertips"

Steve Cox
Director of Marketing, JCDecaux Airports