Oscar Properties: Showcasing design features through digital viewings

Case Studies
, May 17, 2020

Leading Nordic residential property company, Oscar Properties recently used immersive technology to help understand the connection between architecture and its emotional impact on the price point of newly built apartments.

During the project test participants were given headsets to view two high-spec properties: one with and one without design elements that included consideration of health and wellbeing. Respondent biometrics were measured in the real world and the results were correlated with their virtual counterparts. This enabled the data to be used for future building projects by using the virtual environment pre- construction.

Fascinatingly, 13 out of the 16 participants experienced the greatest emotional response to the apartment that included the health and wellbeing elements. Most notable were responses to the striking views out of the floor-to-ceiling windows. Emotional responses peaked in the living area with a heightened sense of calm.

The project outcome highlighted the importance of lighting and natural panoramas. Oscar Properties subsequently used these findings to more accurately position their product and pricing to include a proven physical health component.