Nuova Tech AB: Faster and efficient road repairs 

Case Studies
Feb 18, 2020

Nuova Tech AB implemented a custom designed road inspection tool using vehicle-based scanners. Through the use of an automobile-mounted sensor package to detect visible light, thermal data and structured light, the system collected visible and invisible road data, processing and machine vision provide useable information such as cracks, potholes and obstructions. This data was then made available for a range of purposes including providing information on road maintenance, markings (white lines), information for autonomous vehicles as well as cutting out the need for physical presence in road maintenance, city planning and inventory management.

The data was logged for queries and to schedule repairs and notify managers. Subsequent scans validated completed works while software fused the data before vision software allowed it to be usable. This meant that rather than manually inspecting the road surfaces and waiting for the public to report issues the system identified and mapped failures removing the need to ‘walk the road’ or physically inspect the site. Subsequent scans also identify the areas experiencing the most issues which helps to plan and allocate resources accordingly.

Commenting on the potential of the technology to go further, Zoran Grahovac, Spinview’s Co-founder and Director explains: “There is huge scope for automated databases to enhance business processes. Team members can immerse themselves in a dataset to interact with, say, the dimensions of a planned construction project to check measurements and plan ahead. It’s quick, efficient and cost-effective. What’s more, these advantages are only going to become increasingly widespread as the technology becomes more accessible, particularly for the end-user.”