Product Manager


Nov 10, 2021

Job location: UK but other locations considered

Workplace policy: Remote

Employment Type: Full-time

Department: Spinview Product Management

Experience: 5+ years

Compensation: Commensurate with experience



Are you ready to help define a whole new way of exploring and interacting with the world through Visual intelligence? We are looking for a strong and ambitious Head of Product / Product Director to lead the journey to building a high-impact business with technology at its heart and soul. You will steer development of groundbreaking technology and products, drive cross-functional teams to delight our users, and make the world a bit better by motivating users to understand the world in a whole new way.

You will define and shape digital products from the very early stages, engaged with what our customers identify as important. You will set our product vision, defining our product roadmap in close collaboration with our CEO and CTO, ensuring we deliver a great market fit.

A good understanding of the built environment is essential as is a general knowledge of BIM, immersive tech, scanning, geospatial computing or computer vision – we are turning the industry on its head but a basis in any of the above is a good start.

This role will oversee the whole product development lifecycle from sales ‘concept’ to closed deal. This role intersects all phases, from conceptualisation to prototyping, product delivery, ongoing support and after sale engagement.



  • Define our MVP and bring it to market at the speed of light: Developing products through insights from market research and customer buying behaviour
  • Shape and drive alignment around Spinview product strategy and roadmap from data capture to data usage through (VQe – Visual Intelligence) immersive technologies, geospatial computing and more
  • Define the key features, specifications and requirements of the product, based on customer preference
  • Capture product requirements, prioritise requests, establish goals, and drive the feature development process
  • Define and analyse metrics that inform fast iteration and ultimately the success of the customer experience and the overall platform
  • Work as a horizontal leader to foster collaboration between engineering, design, marketing, legal, and business development teams
  • Communicate product status, key issues, and launch plans to key constituents across the organisation, including the executive team
  • Empathise with our developers to identify areas to improve their experience
  • Stay current with the technology stack and research in computer vision, deep learning, distributed systems, networking, graphics, 3D mapping, and immersive technologies
  • Establishing strategies for product pricing and positioning
  • Assisting with product launches and marketing campaigns
  • Conducting market research to learn more about customer needs
  • Performing profit analysis and forecasting to develop product launch and support strategies
  • Creating, running and owning project timeline implementation schedules and deliverables
  • Identifying and working with BD to approach potential distributors, partners or acquisitions.


About you

This role hasn’t existed before and we are carving a way for a new future, so we are open to finding the right individual fit. But a successful candidate will have skills and qualifications that are based in the normal scope of product management, including:

  • Demonstrable experience in a tech/high growth business within a product management or related role – ideally across all areas but any core pillar with an ability to learn and embrace is fine
  • 5-10 years product management experience with ideally 2+ years’ experience in AR, VR, BIM or computer vision
  • BA/BS in Computer Science, Engineering, Business Administration or equivalent experience a plus
  • Holistic system thinking and detail oriented, can capably issue product directions in a fast-paced environment when needed
  • Comfortable in C-suite presentations and big group partner management
  • You exercise strong customer-first product thinking and understand digital B2B businesses
  • You are analytical and focused on efficiency and Lean processes
  • You are enthusiastic about information technology
  • You work autonomously and are proactive in aligning and setting goals
  • You are detail-oriented and take ownership of your work
  • You are experienced working in a startup environment, or in a young and dynamic, fast-paced company
  • Excellent cross-functional communication skills and work ethic to collaborate with Engineering, Product Marketing, Sales, and other teams to drive successful releases
  • Passionate about user experience
  • Knowledge of every aspect of the product development lifecycle
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Proven ability to manage and supervise multidisciplinary functional teams
  • Ability to create product development and marketing strategies
  • Strong leadership and project management skills
  • In-depth knowledge about the industry and our market.

To apply please email [email protected] with your cv and cover letter or video.