Customer Success Manager


Nov 10, 2021

Workplace policy: Remote

Job location: UK (ideally with Swedish language capability)

Employment Type: Full-time

Department: Sales and Marketing

Experience: 4+ years

Compensation: Commensurate with experience

Add Skills: Customer relationship management, CRM, customer service, Visual Intelligence, loyalty & retention



The Customer Success Manager is responsible for all clients once they have agreed to close the deal. You are our link to the client, acting as a bridge between Operations and Sales and your customer insights will inform our Product Management team. You will nurture the customer relationship, ensuring they are all set up and can get optimal value from the product, delivering a seamless experience working with Spinview.



This role covers eight key pillars:

1. Onboard new clients

Customer onboarding and pilot project deliverables are your most important tasks, and this process generally defines the success of the partnership. It’s essential to educate customers on how to use our product, which features to focus on and what they need to learn. This way, they can get up to speed as fast as possible and be one step closer to achieving their goals.

  • You are the first contact (post sales team) with the customer once they sign the contract
  • Technical and Operations services will help implement the client, however, Customer Success owns the relationship and all deliverables throughout the life of the contract
  • Know the contract terms
  • Understand the dates, opt out/in dates
  • Know the value / ACV

2. Customer relationships

The Customer Success Managers create engagement strategies with clients through the provision of product and operational services, training, and customer service. It is the role of the CSMs to create and maintain long-lasting and healthy relationships with customers. Overall, the Customer Success Manager ensures that the customer gets the best service to enhance their satisfaction

  • Know their business (maturity, growing or shrinking)
  • Know their challenges
  • Know their desired outcome and why they purchased Spinview to begin with

3. Customer training

Platform and product training has a huge impact and brings success to the business. It sets up customers for success by making it easier for them to take advantage of our product. Customer Success Training involves things like visiting customers and scheduling conference calls that give them customised training on how Spinview’s product can be used to meet particular needs. It’s important that customers are aware of resources available for learning about our product and that they’ve got tools letting them take advantage of everything our product offers.

4. Understand, evaluate and analyze customer needs

Promote the success of a business by regularly checking on how the company’s product is meeting our customers’ needs and whether there are areas for possible improvement; paying attention to feedback on the product while also gathering insights on the overall experience of using the product especially on whether the documentation was easy to use and whether the transition to using the product was smooth and feeding back to the operational team and product teams are key.

5. Project Management: ensure all agreed deliverables are met and on time by all relevant teams in Spinview

It goes without saying that the Customer Success Manager operates within dual teams – Sales and Support. It’s crucial that you know how to balance the projects and assign the specific work to the right individuals in the team, ensuring timely and high quality deliverables. Successful partnership with the Quality Assurance team, Technical Operations team and any other department required for successful onboarding, customer setup and delivery is essential for this role

6. Act as a customer advocate

You are our customer’s advocate, responsible for making sure customer feedback is heard and acted upon. As the voice of the customer, you will need to successfully convey to the product team what a customer’s needs are, mediating between the customer’s needs and the company’s vision.

Customers will come to you with enhancement requests that need to be vetted and explored to understand the business reasons prior to bringing the requests to Product Management, knowing that not all enhancement requests are possible.

7. Encourage customers to upgrade their products

With your proximity to the customer experience, you will play a pivotal role in persuading customers to upgrade to higher plans identifying opportunities for the company to provide additional services.

You will serve as the company’s firefighter, always finding the best solution and resolving any customer issues as they arise.

8. Promote customer loyalty

Keeping across customer renewal periods and arranging contract renewals will support the pivotal goal of loyalty and retention, preventing churn. In the cases where we do lose customers, you will help us to get the insights to learn from what happened and adapt our processes.


Summary of requirements

  • Maintain strong and effective engagement cadence through all levels of the customer lifecycle, covering the post‐purchase customer journey
  • Define, track and measure Spinview’s impact on the customer’s business objectives and goals, clearly demonstrating progression and value in their investment
  • Prioritise your book of business, clearly defining your strategy to engage at scale
  • Build community by driving engagement and identifying champions across the broader customer network
  • Defining value that Spinview provides to customers by discovering use cases and the demonstrable impact they have on the customers objectives
  • Create Adoption Maps, identifying the key sponsors, champions, use cases and value that Spinview is providing
  • Conduct capability assessments to understand where the customer is on their journey of adopting Spinview and identify areas the customer needs to invest in
  • Proactively engage with the customer ecosystem, actively identifying growth and service needs and collaborating with your account team to manage effectively.


Who You Are…

  • Fluency in both English and Swedish is preferable
  • 4-10+ years as a Customer Success Manager, Account Manager or in a consultative role
  • Experience working with (or for) Enterprise customers in the account management space is highly desirable, however we will consider candidates from another easily transferable industry
  • Degree preferable but not essential – attitude, fit and personality are key to this role, as well as a strong commercial acumen
  • Strong organizational skills: proven ability to prioritise and maintain a system for proactively managing multiple customers, projects and requests, for creating and managing a plan, and for keeping your adhoc teams organised
  • Creative, engaging and enthusiastic: demonstrated creativity with customer engagement and problem solving
  • Able to drive change and improvement, willing to get involved with global initiatives to continue to evolve the team
  • Proactive, hands-on
  • Excellent communication skills: proven ability to communicate effectively across the experience/management spectrum, translate between technical and non‐technical teams, and can empathetically communicate a customer’s pain to internal Spinview teams
  • Able to drive value: passionate about helping customers maximise the benefits of Spinview and understand the importance of success to the account and the individual
  • Self‐motivated, takes ownership, and proactively drives success: we work from home –applying a trust first approach, we expect our team to embrace this, not exploit it
  • Able to assess risk indicators and devise proactive action plans to overcome risks
  • Confident in managing expectations, investigative questioning and adapting in pressure situations – and of course forecasting growth and achieving targets
  • Strong team player, willing to help, support and advise those around you, and open to collaboration and constructive feedback to evolve in your role.

To apply please email [email protected] with your cv and cover letter or video.