Enterprise Metaverse startup Spinview expands their visual intelligence offering into the US and Canada through partnership with Integrity Aerospace Group

Jun 16, 2022

London, 15 June 2022 – Spinview, the visual intelligence start-up, has announced a partnership with Integrity Aerospace Group (IAG), the North American reseller and holding group for first class technology, equipment and services, as part of Spinview’s global expansion and representation in the US and Canada to drive sales and support North American customers.

The partnership comes as a result of Spinview’s thorough search for a well-qualified partner with experience in technology sales within Spinview’s key markets. Having a broad range of customers in the USA and Canada, Spinview needed a way to optimise representation in these regions and provide their enterprise metaverse solution to allow its customers to benefit from the valuable data produced by its Vision Operating System for advanced Digital Twins.

Spinview identified IAG as a key partner due to its expert understanding of collecting and managing key data acquisition for structural integrity in complex environments on behalf of its customers, which made it a distinctive partner for Spinview’s North American expansion. For IAG, Spinview’s long standing interest and commitment in driving sustainability was a key factor in establishing a partnership, and as such, Spinview’s leading edge capability to develop data on companies’ carbon footprints was an important factor in its decision to work with Spinview.

Initially, IAG will act as a Spinview reseller in the USA and Canada, using its divisions and trained sales team while operating under the Spinview North America brand name. As the market develops, so too will the partnership, evolving the complete range of Spinview products and capabilities with the potential for IAG to take on a greater role in managing and processing materials and data for Spinview customers.

This important partnership will also provide valuable information on customer requirements in this new market. Additionally, it will allow Spinview to develop deeper relationships with European customers which have a local division in the USA and Canada, providing them with local support.

Linda Wade, Co-founder and CEO of Spinview, says: “Integrity Aerospace Group is the perfect partner for Spinview’s expansion into North America. Their expert knowledge of the market and background in selling technological and data solutions will no doubt help tremendously in providing the best service for our US and Canadian customers. We are thrilled to be working together to provide better service and products for this market, while also strengthening our relationships with European customers who have branches in North America.”

Commenting on the partnership, Leon Bunch, CEO of IAG, stated: “Having decades of deep technical and industry knowledge, our team is depended upon by our customers throughout North America to be their main source of leading technology, equipment, and service.  Our partnership with Spinview Global and the partnership to provide Spinview services in North America will enable us to continue expanding our product offerings and client base in the industrial and critical infrastructure sectors that we currently serve as well as diversify into other target markets including building and facility asset management.”  


For more information visit www.spinview.io or contact [email protected]