Deep Rail Sensor (alpha) arrives at TfL

Jun 07, 2022

An exciting day for Spinview – last week our team hand-delivered our innovative Deep Rail Sensor (DRS) device to Transport for London.

Earlier this year we announced our partnership with TfL whereby we supply cutting-edge technology to enable the smarter, safer and more efficient management of assets on the London Underground.

Spinview’s device will help TfL capture the geometry as well as a full spectrum of data on the ‘health’ of the Piccadilly line such as thermal imaging, humidity, temperature and environmental emissions.  This is our Alpha device which will be used for initial testing on the underground. It tests air circulation, track calibration, noise, image sending and other sensors to ensure the main devices are all set up correctly.

Utilising the power of visual intelligence to provide TfL with a data-rich digital twin Spinview will create a detailed and accessible visual recreation of the Deep Tube environment.