Decoding Digital Twin Jargon! 🤯 Part 1 – The Power of the Twin

Feb 28, 2024

Welcome to the world of Digital Twins, where innovation & technology come together to drive better building & city management.


But this world can also be confusing!


Let’s clear the confusion & provide you with a straightforward understanding of what all the acronyms & jargon means.

In this 3 part series we’ll cover off: Digital Twins, Visual Intelligence; Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision; Internet of Things, Virtual Reality & much more.


Starting with the most relevant, the Digital Twin:


Digital Twin: Is a virtual representation of a physical object, such as a building (it can also encompass a system or a process).  It’s a comprehensive real-time digital replica that has all the information about the object/space and behaves just like the real world. As it’s interconnected with real world, real-time data it helps us to understand, monitor and even improve how the real thing works. 

Digital twins are versatile and scalable. They can be applied to various building sizes and types from individual rooms to city campuses and country wide data views – you can optimise the space you work in or manage, enhance sustainability and energy efficiency, and drive innovation from the ground up.

For example with energy efficiency if the building uses a lot of energy, the digital twin can pinpoint why. It might discover that certain rooms are too hot or too cold because of problems with the heating and cooling systems. It can also track when elevators or escalators need maintenance or when the lights are on when they shouldn’t be.

Now, suppose you want to make the building more energy-efficient and comfortable for people working inside. Your digital twin can help. It can suggest changes like adjusting the temperature, scheduling maintenance, or tell you the impact on your energy efficiency from using energy-saving lights.

In simple terms, a digital twin is like a super-smart twin for a building. It helps us keep the real building in great shape, save energy, and make it a better place for everyone who uses it.


Visual Intelligence

Visual Intelligence, as we see it, is our natural ability for processing and making sense of information about our surroundings. It’s about recognising patterns, trends, and anomalies within data to derive meaning and understanding.

>At Spinview, we leverage this innate capability to transform data into cohesive, actionable insights for your assets in the built environment. Get in touch to discuss more.


Visually Intelligent Digital Twin

A Visually Intelligent Digital Twin takes your advanced digital representation of your physical asset, such as a building or a city, and not only replicate its physical attributes and behaviours, but also possesses the capability to enable you as the user to perceive, interpret, and interact with the information on the space inside the visual environment.  By linking data visually we close the gap between ‘data’ and human understanding, it allows every user to understand and comprehend – and the machines too! It combines the power of digital twinning technology with computer vision and artificial intelligence, allowing it to understand and make sense of visual information from the real world, such as recognising objects, tracking changes, and responding to visual cues, by doing this we are able to automate mundane work tasks and help make us more efficient highlighting where to look and what to do.

In essence, it’s like having a digital counterpart that not only mimics the real thing but can also “see” and intelligently react to what it observes, enabling more informed decision-making and enhanced management of physical assets.

Spinview’s visually intelligent digital twin platform takes data beyond the realm of abstract numbers and transforms it into a clear and dynamic representation of your operational reality. These digital twins encapsulate the essence of your building’s infrastructure and constantly mirror real-world conditions in real-time. They serve as operational tools, offering a virtual mirror that reveals the intricate details of your infrastructure, akin to an X-ray vision into its inner workings – it’s about presenting data in a format that naturally facilitates decision-making, allowing for intuitive interactions with your surroundings. This approach leads to well-informed decisions, heightened efficiency, cost reduction, and a deeper understanding of asset health and performance.

Navigating the world of Digital Twins and Building Information Modelling may seem overwhelming due to the plethora of technical terms and acronyms. However, with a clear understanding, these innovative technologies hold the key to revolutionising property and city management.

Part 2, we delve into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Vision, exploring their synergy with digital twin technology. Click here to read.

Now that you have a clearer grasp of the world of digital twins, please let us know if you’d like a demo – [email protected]