Our greatest line of attack against COVID-19


Screening at scale and in real time for a greater advantage in the fight against COVID-19

PandemiCam will limit the spread of the coronavirus and any other infectious diseases, helping to manage precious healthcare resources in real-time

Together with our partners, VR Media Technology , we have designed PandemiCam to help in the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other potential pandemic diseases

PandemiCam is a non-invasive multi-sensory device which is designed to collect information from multiple sensors and scanners to ‘read’ the COVID-19 symptom parameters in every person it scans.

The system behind PandemiCam fuses this data together and feeds it through artificial intelligence (AI),to provide an accurate detection of the presence of disease with far greater clarity than any single parameter test available today.  PandemiCam can detect symptoms of disease by cross referencing many different inputs to reach a positive or negative match of the COVID-19 signature.

Unlike traditional devices, PandemiCam is designed to also measure moisture, hydration, sweat, flushing, cough, respiration rate, back pain, hand gestures and sneezing, then when these are fused together it can provide a holistic overview of an individual’s state of health.

Where current single parameter tests such as temperature have to be measured individually, PandemiCam is able to screen groups of people and even scan at a distance for the safety necessitated by this particular disease.  Against a city grid, PandemiCam allows for the real-time mapping of symptoms.  Quick identification of hotspots allows for localised restrictions and resource allocations, reducing financial and human danger.

Machine learning means the system constantly updates its precision.  As data is fed in to the model, the more it understands what to look for – reducing misdiagnosis in either direction.

The PandemiCam is designed to be used in three ways:

Prevention of a pandemic

Active Management, screening for infection and predictive triage of patients at scale during a pandemic

Prediction of future outbreaks

The PandemiCam provides real-time actionable data on public health by leveraging each person’s own detected symptoms for greater understanding of the impact and potential of the disease.

The system monitors and screens for infection in real-time, enabling healthcare professionals to effectively plan and distribute resources.

Medical staff can carry out predictive triage – understanding based on the data received, correlated with the known passage of the disease through the system, what a patient is likely to experience and the support they will need.

Key features of this ground-breaking system include:

  • Long-distance remote scanning of large crowds.
  • Individual subject differentiation through facial recognition and tracking.
  • Real-time calibration, multi-sensory analysis of human faces in any crowd.
  • Assisted detection of respiratory distress through measurement of oxygen saturation and heart rate variability.
  • The capture of changes in skin reflectivity during the cardiac cycle and identification of other factors including sweating, flushing, and other moisture anomalies.
  • The capture of skin temperature (facial temperature is enough along with other data to support diagnosis) through hundreds of data points calibrated over a time frame (e.g. 1 second), to accurately assess against febrile targets.
  • The detection of thermal stress patterns on the face. Thermal emotional stress patterns are different than those of physical stress (which we will monitor).  Thermal build-up in the periorbital regions tend to indicate physical stress while prefrontal regions only heat up during emotional stress. This observation has been used in military interrogation methods and this type of thermography can help discriminate not only febrile conditions, but also a general health value related to physical stress, when offset by emotional flushing.


PandemiCam brings a future where we are able to predict, cope with and surmount a pandemic to within our reach. Please get in touch if you’d like to support PandemiCam.

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