Case Study: Enhancing Everyone Active’s Customer Experience with Spinview

Mar 06, 2024

Everyone Active, the longest operating leisure centre operator in the UK, has been leading the recreational industry charge by delivering their members an immersive experience of their facilities with Spinview since 2018.


With over 220 leisure centres across England, Everyone Active is leveraging Spinview’s visual twins to make their facilities more accessible, inclusive, and engaging.


Results Achieved:

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Digital facility engagement boosts customer interaction and satisfaction.
  • Increased Facility Exploration: Results that demonstrate a high number of visitors exploring facilities online.
  • Advanced Inclusivity: Through showcasing accessibility of their locations Everyone Active is supporting differently-abled people to see and understand their facilities.


Everyone Active’s Objective

Everyone Active‘s primary goal was to offer digital experience to their members, allowing them to explore and understand the facilities before ever stepping onsite. This initiative was driven by the desire to cater to diverse needs, including providing a visual overview assisting people with disabilities in assessing accessibility, and for those who face anxiety in unfamiliar spaces, and ensuring an inclusive experience for everyone.

To achieve this, Everyone Active worked closely with Spinview to ensure accessibility of locations were captured for inclusivity during the visual twin creation. Specific attention was given to areas like corridors and disabled toilets to present a comprehensive view, making the digital environments more inclusive for individuals with different requirements.

“Through our virtual tours we are improving our digital experience for our members, allowing them to explore and understand the facilities before ever stepping onsite. Working with Spinview on delivering these visual twins has been seamless. I look forward to the day when we have it across all our facilities.”

– Liam Jameson – Web & Digital Executive at Everyone Active


Easy Implementation of Spinview

Currently, over 80 Everyone Active facilities have visual twins, with the aim to expand this to cover all their facilities.

Implementing visual twins with Spinview is streamlined and easy. Following in-person training by the Spinview team, Everyone Active handles the scanning by using a camera and tripod, considering accessibility needs during the day-long scanning process. Using the images provided by Everyone Active, Spinview builds the walkthrough and interactive features with further information points for users and uploads to a simple web link. Everyone Active then simply embed the web link into their website.  

Results and Benefits

The implementation of Spinview has yielded significant results for Everyone Active. The main benefit observed is the ability for customers to engage digitally with the facility before visiting in person. 

With Spinview, Everyone Active can track interest in specific areas of their facilities and the times of year. This data intelligence supports them with promotional campaigns, upsell opportunities and updates to their customers. 

The number of online website visitors to the visual twins, especially for unique facilities like the Coral Reef water park in Bracknell, has been substantial. The success is evident in the positive response from users and the increased time spent exploring the facilities digitally. 

Innovative Plans and Enhancements

Everyone Active aims to include four interactive points in each tour to create a richer end-to-end experience for their customers. These interactive points will provide relevant services and information, such as welcome messages, facility details, and booking options for gym and swimming classes, directly within the digital space.

The clicks and engagement on these interactive points shown in the Spinview platform, supports Everyone Active to know which facility, area and time of the year can benefit from promotional content.

The ultimate goal is to make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for and seamlessly link back to Everyone Active’s website to book sessions, fostering a more connected and convenient user experience.

“We are extremely excited to push the innovative capabilities of Spinview with Everyone Active to deliver a richer and seamless experience for their customers. Having interactive points should help drive improved sales of all their services and classes, and ensure their customers’ expectations of their spaces are aligned.” 

Bogdan Davydov – Customer Success Director, Spinview


Everyone Active’s successful use of Spinview has not only met but exceeded their initial objectives. By leveraging visual twins, they have enhanced customer engagement and increased accessibility. The organisation remains committed to further developments, aiming to make their visual twins more interactive and user-friendly, solidifying their position as a leader in the leisure centre industry.


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