Brewing Success

Rachael Hutchman
Case Studies
Jun 03, 2024

By harnessing the power of digital twin technology, breweries and pubs can elevate their operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and raise the bar for excellence.



Spinview provides visual intelligence on all kinds of buildings and spaces – but in 2023 we encountered a new and interesting challenge. Beer cellars.

DING a beer line cleaning technology company, wanted to revolutionise cellar management, elevate the quality of draught beer, minimise operational costs, and support bar operators in achieving their sustainability goals. Their commitment to eco-friendly solutions for beer line cleaning resonates with Spinview’s vision of creating smarter, sustainable, and healthier spaces.

Discover how our digital twin solutions helped DING achieve their goals, delivering real commercial and operational results – and, just as importantly, better beer. 


The challenges 

DING knows the perfect pint requires precision. Hospitality chains grapple with various challenges in maintaining optimal cellar conditions for draught beer. And even seemingly small incidents, like leaving a cellar door open, can cause big problems. 

Control is crucial. Ensuring draught beer quality requires careful attention to temperature, ideally between 10 and 13 degrees Celsius as per industry standards. Warmer temperatures and fluctuations can lead to bacterial growth, affecting taste and quality.   

Added to this, issues such as inconsistent storage, security concerns, and the cumbersome traditional beer line cleaning process all pose significant obstacles to achieving operational efficiency and beverage quality.

While DING’s non-toxic beer line cleaning solution is designed to minimise water and beer wastage, monitoring is essential for maximising savings.

Essentially, DING needed a way to help cellar owners see and understand exactly what was going on. We knew our remote cellar management solution and the power of the Twin could help.


How did we help?

Spinview’s Digital Twin technology, including real time data monitoring, was able to capture exactly the sort of real time data DING needed to support cellar owners and maintain the quality of their beer.  

And better still, Spinview’s human-first approach to technology made sure the data was quickly turned into actionable insights – with an easy-to-understand dashboard including graphs and charts, displaying all the information visually. Real time alerts gave cellar owners an immediate indication of what was happening in their space – particularly useful when a cellar is underground. 

This has enabled DING to offer a managed service to its customers Informing the customer of when and if a beer-line clean has been completed and if certain KPIs have been met.


Results worth raising a glass to

With our digital twin technology in place, bar and pub operators can gain real-time visibility into cellar conditions. This means they can more easily undertake planned, preventative maintenance and intervene when they need to, avoiding spoilage and maintaining beverage quality. Spinview and DING’s partnership goes beyond traditional beer line cleaning, providing a holistic solution that ensures consistent high-quality draught beer, enhanced security, and significant monthly savings for businesses in the hospitality sector. 

Cheers to this innovative collaboration delivering: 

  • Beer Quality Assurance
    Consistent quality of draught beer ensured through optimised cellar management.
  • Reduced Spoilage Costs
    Proactive temperature monitoring prevents spoilage, minimising wastage and associated expenses.
  • Enhanced Security
    AI powered people detection deters theft, safeguarding valuable assets.
  • Operational Efficiency
    Real-time alerts provided by Spinview’s digital twin facilitate planned preventative maintenance or intervention, optimising operational processes.
  • Cost Savings
    Significant annual savings of £750k attributed to streamlined line cleaning and prevention of revenue loss due to spoilage, leading to increased gross profit.


“Collaborating with Spinview has been a pivotal moment for DING, transforming not just our beer line cleaning system but also how we envision the future of beverage quality and service. Spinview’s cutting-edge visual twin technology has enabled us to create a digital twin of our cleaning systems in operation, offering an unprecedented level of insight and control over the cleaning process. This has not only optimised our operations but also significantly enhanced our ability to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and efficiency.


Thanks to Spinview, we’ve been able to monitor and manage the cleaning process remotely, ensuring that our customers’ beer lines are always in pristine condition, ready to deliver the perfect pint. The detailed analytics provided by the Dashboard and digital twins have also allowed us to identify potential issues before they arise, ensuring a consistently high-quality customer experience.


Moreover, this partnership has elevated our marketing strategy, allowing us to showcase our innovative approach to potential clients in a compelling, visually engaging manner. The feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive.


Our journey with Spinview has not just been about enhancing operational efficiency; it has been about setting a new standard in the beverage industry, one that places innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction at its heart. We are excited to continue this partnership, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in beer line maintenance and service excellence.”


 – Anthony White, COO & Founder, DING.