Show your team that it’s safe to return to work

Jul 11, 2020

Everyone is aware that adjustments are being made to the workplace to enable the safe return of teams to the shared space. However, after such a long time away from their workstations and with uncertainty on the true rate of recovery from this pandemic, there’s a need to provide reassurance that, as they return, they will continue to be protected against COVID-19. PWC’s recent Reset Survey indicated that 58% of workers aged 45-54 say implementing new workplace safety measures would make them feel comfortable being on-site.* This warns of much instability in confidence and the need to shore up belief that they will be safe at work.

We now offer the opportunity not just to tell but to show your returning teams what provisions are in place to keep them safe as we transition back to work.

Spinview can create a digital replica, or twin of any environment and through our platform, a 360 or 3D tour of the space will show incoming teams what will greet them on their first day back. This will reduce anxiety about how the space they normally spend many hours a day in, has changed and increase confidence in an employer so invested in their health and wellbeing.

When Belgravia based Halkin Estates asked us to help them adapt their existing 360 virtual office tours to communicate their new social distancing measures, we added information, embedded guides and showcased videos and signage. All of this was then linked to government websites with behavioural guidance and what to expect on site. Moreover, given the importance of their individual client relationships, we build-in the opportunity to record personalised phone messages from staff to clients, to help provide a personalised experience in the absence of an in-person experience.

Jonathan Kingshott, Director at Halkin Estates said: ‘’Capturing our portfolio through Spinview has proven invaluable in recent months. We are always on the lookout for the best technology to enhance our service and Spinview delivers. It is quick, user friendly and has a great scale of features. Our sales managers have been able to conduct seamless virtual tours and we’ve been able to create a set of interactive video guides that will help our tenants return to work safely.’’

If you’re creating a digital twin for this purpose, don’t let it stop you making great use of its other capabilities. From annotating documents in the virtual world to be used in the real one, to integration with existing company systems, the Spinview platform can help you protect your assets and your people in manifold ways.

If you’d like to talk about how Spinview could help you prepare your people for a return to work, we’d love to hear from you: [email protected]

* PWC Reset: What do employees need to feel confident and supported in a changed world. Image courtesy of Alexander Green Interiors.